A Homeowner’s Guide to Removing and Reinstalling Solar Panels

Protecting Your Solar Investment in Texas

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Why Would Solar Panels Need to Be Removed and Reinstalled?

A solar panel removal and reinstall is the process by which professional solar technicians remove solar panels from a roof and then reinstall them. Most of the time, the process is needed for reroofing, relocation, or remodeling. How long the R&R process takes depends on the scope of the work. Making even minor roof repairs may necessitate the removal of your solar panels. It’s essential to remove the panels before repairing a roof to make sure the panels are not damaged or compromised.

Having a solar expert from Enova Electrification perform the solar panel removal and reinstall will make the project go smoother and ensure your solar panels remain in good working condition.

Our Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation Process

A solar array contains delicate circuits and literally hundreds of electrical connections. If they are not handled properly, they can be damaged easily. If they become damaged, Enova Electrification is also one of the stellar solar panel repair companies in the Dallas and Houston areas. However, hiring us for your solar panel removal and reinstall can prevent the need for solar panel repairs altogether. The panels also need to be stored safely and properly while they are not on the roof to ensure they do not become damaged. One of our solar experts will ensure the technical aspects. Our thorough, well-designed process ensures your solar panels work just as designed when switching them back on. Our process requires several steps.

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Pre-Removal Site

Removal and reinstallation projects begin with a visit to the site for a solar panel inspection. This is the first step in the planning process. Our specialist will be able to share the plan for the execution of the project so you’ll know what to expect.


Our expert solar techs will coordinate the removal and reinstallation dates with you and the roofer (as applicable).


Once the panels have been removed and racked, they will be safely bundled and stored at your property to keep them safe. This location will be determined during the site inspection.


The reinstallation will be scheduled based on your schedule.

Reinstallation and

Your solar panels and system will be reinstalled and inspected to ensure it works correctly.

How Much Will Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation Cost?

Trying to estimate the cost of a solar panel removal and reinstallation project can be challenging. Many factors can influence the cost of solar panel removal and reinstallation. At Enova Electrification, we’ll give you a quote based on factors such as:

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Roof Condition

The design of your roof, the type of roofing materials used, and the type of roof repairs that may be needed influence the cost of removal and reinstallation.

Condition of your Solar Panels

It’s less expensive if your solar panels are in good condition. However, we may recommend replacements if they are damaged or not generating as much electricity as possible. If needed, our experts can also handle solar panel repairs that need to be done.

Condition of Solar System Hardware

If some of the hardware or components of your solar system need replacement or repair, it can increase the cost. Sometimes, hardware like your racking system, inverters, or mounts must be replaced during removal and reinstallation

Location of Your House

Very rarely, homes may be located in an unusual or difficult-to-travel area. This can necessitate the use of special tools and equipment to ensure safety. If your house is located near power lines, this can mean we need to take a different approach, too. These adjustments might increase the cost of the project. However, these circumstances are extremely rare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can’t I just remove and reinstall solar panels?

A Removing and reinstalling solar panels is not a do-it-yourself project. It can end up being a big challenge and time-consuming. It’s unlikely that you have the tools needed to do the job properly and safely. Also, it’s possible that you could void the warranty by trying to do it yourself.

Q Do my solar panels have to be removed for roof repairs?

A It depends on what type of work is being done on the roof. It’s best to remove the solar panels if any work is being done close to them. This protects them from accidental damage. If the roof beneath the solar panels needs to be repaired or replaced, the panels must be removed first.

Q Can roofers remove solar panels?

A There may be a few roofers who are experienced with solar panel removal. But it’s always best to have a solar company with the experience, expertise, and tools to do it right. Professionals help reduce the risk of damage during the removal and reinstallation process. There is also a risk of voiding your warranty if a professional does not complete it.

Q How long will the removal and reinstallation of solar panels take?

A The length of the project depends on numerous factors. In most cases, the entire removal and reinstallation process takes about three days. It takes one day to remove the solar panels, one day (hopefully) to make repairs, then one more day to reinstall the solar panels.

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