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So you’ve got your fancy new, money-saving solar energy system installed, or you bought a home with one already there, but something goes wrong, what do you do? No matter what type of issue or problem arises with your solar system on your home, Capture Solar has the highly trained and experienced solar specialists to come to the rescue.

We’re experts so you don’t have to be.

Whether you want to upgrade your system, add battery storage, or ensure your new electric car will charge efficiently, we’ve got you covered.

We service all solar systems,
not just ones we’ve installed!

Whether we installed your solar panel system or someone else did, we have the experience and expertise to service any type of solar equipment. If your system is still under warranty, we’ll help you get back up and running again so you can keep powering your home with clean energy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Have error messages you can’t figure out?

A Don’t worry. We help you diagnose every error code, recommend the service you need to address them, and fix the problem. We can even come out to your home for an on-site diagnostic. We’re here to keep your solar energy system running smoothly year-round.

Q Have equipment issues or receiving two bills for energy and electric?

A Not a problem. We help you troubleshoot and identify the source of equipment issues to know exactly what’s happening. From malfunctions, storm and critter damage, or undersized system issues, we handle it all. We can even access your system remotely to perform an initial diagnostic to help save you money and time. If you are receiving two bills, our team can quickly tell you if your system is undersized, due to higher energy consumption or misquote from another company, or even if it needs to be cleaned to get the most savings possible.

Q Want to remove or add on to your system?

A Whether you need to remove your system entirely to add a new roof or you want to add on to your existing solar panel system, we’ve got you covered. We work closely with you to ensure every panel is uninstalled correctly to be reinstalled and work the way it’s meant to. Our team can help expand your system and install an EV charging station or battery storage systems that integrate seamlessly with the existing energy system.

Q Need help figuring out the solar system on the home you just purchased?

A Not a problem! We’re happy to have one of our Capture Solar technicians come out to your home and walk you through everything you need to know about how to make the most of your solar system. We even help you set up your software and make sure that your family’s energy consumption matches the size of your solar panel system.

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