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What do you do if something goes wrong if you just purchased and installed a money-saving solar energy system or bought a home with installed solar panels? Perhaps your solar company went out of business, and you’re unsure what to do. Worst case, you got scammed, and now your solar system isn’t producing, and you’ve got one to call! Our highly trained, experienced solar specialists can handle any type of issue or problem.

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Just Need Solar Repair Services?

Hopefully, you found our website by searching for “solar panel repair company near me.” Our team of solar professionals provide exceptional solar repair services, as well as upkeep and maintenance. We can handle anything including, your annual solar repair inspection, general maintenance, complex panel repair, and solar panel replacement. Our comprehensive solar panels service can help ensure you that your investment continues to pay off for years to come.

Professional Solar Panel Upkeep and Maintenance

How are solar panels maintained so they continue to work well? If you have tilted panels, the rain will help wash away debris. However, during dry seasons, solar panels must be cleaned manually. This is a simple task. However, you should  always hire a professional like Enova Electrification to perform routine solar panel and system maintenance at least once every year. They can perform any solar panel maintenance and services as needed and inspect your solar system to see if repair is needed.

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Our Solar Panel Maintenance Team Services Any Solar System

Even if you didn’t buy them from us!

The professional solar panel maintenance experts at Enova Electrification have the experience and expertise to service any type of solar equipment. They are knowledgeable about the specific warranties, so they can work within those guidelines to ensure your system is serviced or repaired accordingly. We understand that if your solar power system is not working up at peak energy production, you are missing an opportunity to save money. Our technicians will work quickly to repair or replace your solar panels.

Why Cleaning Solar Panels is Essential

Solar panels are designed to be a low-maintenance item. However, to protect your solar system's lifespan and ensure maximum performance, they need to be cleaned periodically. Our solar cleaning services can save you money in the long run!

Why is it so important to clean solar panels?  Are dirty solar panels bad? A quick and simple cleaning can significantly boost your solar system’s power output. Solar cleaning services keep the panels clean and free from debris, which can prohibit the panels from absorbing energy from the sun.

When a solar panel cleaner removes debris like pollen, bird droppings, and airborne dust or pollution, your solar panels’ performance and efficiency are greatly improved. That means they can continuously store energy for your home or business and ultimately save you more money.

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How Often Should I Invest in a Solar Cleaning Service?

You should personally inspect your solar panels at least once a week to ensure debris isn’t collecting on your solar system components. Additionally, check in with your Enphase app occasionally to ensure your solar panel production is up to par. Ground-mounted or pergola solar panels are pretty easy to see. A roof system is more difficult to inspect on your own. You may need to contact Enova Electrification to schedule a professional solar panel inspection. Solar panel experts recommend thoroughly cleaning your solar panels at least once yearly.

What If Solar Panels Are Not Reducing My Bill?

If you find solar panels not reducing bills, specifically your electric bill, it may be time to contact professionals to conduct solar panels service, maintenance, or repair. A solar panel inspection may be all that is necessary to reveal why your solar panels are not reducing your bill. It may only require a small tweak in your system, a thorough professional cleaning, or basic solar panel repairs to make sure they are saving you money. Regular solar panel service and maintenance can help your solar system run efficiently, which puts money back in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What do I do if I get an error message I can’t figure out?

A If you get an error notice from your solar system, our techs will help you diagnose it, recommend the appropriate service to address the problem and fix it for you. Our techs can visit your home to complete an on-site diagnosis if needed. We are dedicated to keeping your solar energy system running smoothly.

Q What happens if I have any equipment issues?

A We will help you troubleshoot to identify any equipment issues. We can handle any issues, including malfunctions, damage from storms or animals, or undersized system issues. We can access your solar system remotely to diagnose issues to help you save money and time.

Q What if I get two energy or electric bills?

A If you get two bills, our tech team can quickly assess any issues and determine if your solar system is undersized or just needs to be cleaned so you get the most savings possible.

Q Will I still get an electricity bill with solar panels?

A Yes. You will still get an electricity bill with solar panels. However, when your solar panels run efficiently, they should continue to reduce the amount you pay for electricity. If your region has a buy-back program, you may make money.

Q Does my warranty cover solar panel cleaning?

A Your warranty doesn’t cover solar panel cleaning. However, many solar panel manufacturers and some installation companies require regular cleaning to keep the warranty valid.

Q Can I remove panels or add on to my solar system?

A We can take care of you whether you need to increase your solar system, remove it for roof repairs, or add to it. Our technicians can expand your system as needed and install an EV charging station or battery storage system that integrates with your solar energy system.

Q Can you help me if I purchase a new house with an already installed solar system?

A Absolutely! We will be happy to come to your new home and help you become familiar with your solar system and all of its features. Our technicians can help you set up your software and troubleshoot any issues.

Expert Solar Panel Cleaning Advice

A reputable solar company will explain how to properly maintain and clean your solar panels. You may read online or have been told by a dishonest solar company that you can use detergents to clean solar panels. This is false; you can either void your warranty or destroy solar cells by using them. Our team is comprised of solar panel experts who will not steer you wrong. We use only deionized water and a non-abrasive specialized brush to wash your solar system properly.

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