Maximize Energy Efficiency By Installing a Smart Panel

What is a Smart Electrical Panel?

Your home already has an electrical box or panel. You may have seen the thin metal box housing a group of circuit breakers. There may have been times when you needed to flip a breaker to restore power to some part of your house. Sometimes, you must turn off a breaker to make a minor electrical repair.

A smart electrical panel is a technologically advanced version of the same thing. Once the smart panel installation is complete, it fully integrates with your solar electrical system to allow you to monitor and control your power use. Comparing the traditional electrical box to a Span smart panel is like comparing the old-school landline with a smartphone. You can do so much more with it and have more control. Your smart panel is an electrical panel upgrade that will help you manage energy use and integrate with your solar system.

Enphase battery storage system
Enphase battery storage system

Why You Need to Install a Smart Panel

The old electrical box was great when the world didn’t depend so heavily on electricity. Over the last few years, many changing factors increased the overall demand for electrification. You need more control over your energy consumption. The Span electrical panel cost is easily offset by its advantages. A Span smart panel will help with things like:

  • Controlling your energy use and its cost
  • Take advantage of off-peak rates to boost your return on solar energy and EV charging
  • Smart panels are crucial for homeowners who want to ensure reliable home power solutions, especially when using a solar battery backup system.
  • A smart electrical panel upgrade can help reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment by allowing more control over the energy you use and when you use it.

Why We Choose Span Smart Panels

Our solar professionals choose the SPAN electrical panel for many reasons. SPAN panels interact seamlessly with your battery backup, which means energy security for homes. A smart panel replaces traditional circuit breaker boxes. One of the biggest advantages is that it is controlled using an app. You can easily access information about your home’s energy consumption and use it in real time on your smartphone. The potential energy savings can offset the cost of upgrading an electrical panel to a smart device.

SPAN smart panels are great for homes that have solar, as well as those that do not. If you have solar power, you can use the app to manage solar production and how energy is used. If you do not have solar power, the SPAN Panel gives you more insight into your home’s energy use. This lets you avoid time-of-use rates. It’s definitely an upgrade.

Enphase battery storage system

Benefits of Smart Panel Installation

Making the switch to a smart panel provides you with detailed information about your home’s energy consumption. It can also help provide load control to specific areas of your home. If you have a backup generator or a battery storage system installed, you’ll have more understanding so you can control the entire electrical system to maximize its performance. Homeowners who install smart panels gain two fundamental benefits.

Remote Energy Management

A smart panel includes a mobile app that allows real-time monitoring and control over loads on all your home’s circuits. You can maximize energy efficiency and reduce your costs.

Better Manage Energy Use in an Emergency

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, a smart panel gives you control so you can switch between circuits and use your standby power sources if needed. During an outage, having this kind of control over essential systems like heating or refrigeration is beneficial.

Who Needs To Install a Smart Panel?

Generally, every homeowner can benefit from a smart panel installation. Even houses still tied to the grid can enjoy it as a luxury upgrade. As homes become more electrified than ever before, now is a good time to install a smart panel. However, a smart panel is essential for homeowners in these situations.

  • Installing solar power or wind power and tying it back to the grid, you need a smart panel to help maximize your energy savings.
  • If you are installing a battery backup system, then a smart panel lets you better manage electrical loads to prolong and protect the battery’s life.
  • Homeowners who are finally going all electric and switching from appliances that operate on fossil fuels need a smart panel to prevent overloading their electrical system.

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