Enova Electrification: Local Solar Installation 

Who We Are

Enova Electrification is a local solar installation company in Texas that makes solar energy affordable for homeowners. We cut out the middlemen to offer you great prices without hidden fees. Our approach is straightforward: we provide personalized and professional service that meets your solar energy needs and exceeds your expectations.

We founded Enova Electrification to change the solar industry. We saw that many homeowners were left disappointed by solar sales companies that charged high commissions and delivered subpar solar systems. By working directly with a solar installer, we can offer top-quality solar solutions at fantastic prices.

With Enova, you get clear pricing and honest service every step of the way. Our team of licensed electricians ensures your solar installation is done right, giving you the best value from the start. Choose Enova Electrification for a worry-free solar experience.

Solar Installation Company

We are your turnkey solar installer, providing the best service, quality, and craftsmanship in the business.

At Enova, we’re also passionate about giving back to the communities we serve, which is why we donate a portion of our proceeds to several charities that are building our community for the better. We are your one-stop shop for all your solar needs, from financing and design to installation and maintenance.

Unparalleled Expertise

With over seven combined years of installing solar panels across Texas, our team understands how to provide exceptional service through expertise, knowledge, and integrity. We provide you with a custom-tailored solar design to fit your needs and budget, and we handle the entire project in-house from start to finish.

Highest Quality Products

We only use the highest quality products to ensure that your solar system lasts and delivers as promised. We believe you deserve the best products and technology available so you can enjoy your system for years to come.

Transparent Pricing

We don’t mess around with price gouging and hidden fees. With Enova, you’ll always get transparent pricing for your solar system so you can start reaping the benefits of solar energy savings every month.

Quick Installation

We offer the fastest solar panel installations in Texas. We achieve this by removing the middleman in the solar sales process. This makes getting solar panels quicker and easier for you.

Solar Experts you can trust

Choose us as your solar installer and gain a committed partner eager to achieve your energy goals. We actively engage with you to make sure you grasp every aspect of the process and product. Your questions and concerns are our priority, from beginning to end!

Full-Service Solutions

Different from other companies that ask for a lot of money, we promise to give you the best price. This is because other companies act as middlemen, making things more expensive. As solar panel installers, we provide solutions that are affordable and made just for you. Starting from our first talk about what you need for energy to the last step of installing the panels, we make sure you pay a good price and have a great experience.

Experienced Installers

When you trust Enova with your solar needs, you’ll have a partner who’s invested in the success of your solar goals. We work closely with you to ensure you understand every part of the process, and we’re always here to answer any concerns and questions you have from start to finish.

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