How We Help Finance Your Solar Dreams

Are you considering making the switch to clean, renewable solar energy? Solar power can help lower electric bills, add value to your home, save money, and provide electricity off the grid. The low cost of solar panels in Texas may surprise you. Why wouldn’t you want to leverage the sun's power to run your home or business? Texas is the fourth sunniest state, which makes it ideal for those who want to use solar energy systems to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and save money at the same time.

Numerous financing options are available, as well as several ways to recoup your costs. Yes, we can help you finance your solar installation cost. But there are other great options, too, including:

  • $0 down solar program
  • Solar panels incentives in Texas
  • Solar panel rebates in Texas
  • Texas electricity buyback plans


We’ve simplified the qualifying process so you can easily get the financing you need. Our financing team works closely with you to create a custom-fit zero-down financing program that fits your needs and your budget. No HARD CREDIT check required!

Apply for Tax Credits

Tax credits and solar incentives are available, and we’ll help you apply for them. Did you know that solar incentives and federal tax credits can cover as much as 30% of your installation costs or energy upgrades? Our process allows you to log in and apply them directly to your current agreement. You’ll be swapping utility bills for your solar panel agreement payment, which you can keep under your current energy bill payment.

Save with Early Payoff

At Enova Electrification, you’ll find our solar program easy to navigate so you can get a comprehensive custom financing option built just for you. We keep our industry-leading program free of red tape and restrictions. By helping you maximize your savings, you can pay off your solar agreement more quickly!

Can I Get Solar Panels in Texas for Free?

There are no “free” solar panels in Texas. However, numerous incentives can help reduce your solar panel cost. For example, you can take advantage of the $0 down solar program, which means you pay no money upfront for your solar panel installation. You will just switch out your monthly electrical bill for your solar panel payment until they are paid in full. You also have the option of taking advantage of solar rebates in Texas. Talk to a solar professional at Enova Electrification to learn about available programs that help cover solar installation costs. Schedule a free consultation today!

Financing Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much will I need for a down payment?

A Our unique financing options allow you to transition to solar power with absolutely no money down, no hard credit check, and no liens. When you qualify for our Zero Down program, you can enjoy solar energy for 60 days before you ever pay us a dime for the installation.

Q Will I pay more for my electricity after I install solar panels?

A Absolutely not! You are simply trading your electricity bill for your solar panel payment. The good thing is that your payment will not change, even with the wildest rate changes.

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