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Now, you can keep your electric vehicle charged and running using your Level 2 or DC fast charging station.

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residential solar-powered EV charging station

Charge Your EV Using Your Solar Power

You chose solar power for your home; now, you can use it to charge your EV, too. The good news is that you can use your solar panels to recharge the battery in your electric vehicles. Being able to charge your EV at home has a lot of advantages. It’s a convenient and inexpensive option. It just makes sense that if you save money by creating your own electricity with solar panels, you should be able to use it to charge your EV, too.

The EV charging station installers at Enova Electrification can help design a custom residential or commercial EV charging station that perfectly matches your needs. Whether you choose a Level 2 charging station or a DC fast-charging station, we will optimize your system to ensure you get the maximum charge for your EV needs. 

DC Fast Charging Stations

There are different levels of electric vehicle charging. Levels 1 and 2 EV chargers use AC power to charge your EV. Level 3 chargers use DC fast charging to deliver more power to your EV so that it charges much faster than Level 1 or Level 2 chargers. A DC fast charging station uses a commercial-grade connection to deliver DC power directly to your EV’s battery. Level 3 charging, or Direct Current Fast Charging stations, are a rapid or ultra-fast option for charging your EV.

Practical Side of a DC Fast Charging Station in Houston

 Being able to charge a vehicle quickly is a huge plus for EV owners in Texas. Of course, before contacting your local Houston, Dallas, or Fort Worth electric vehicle charging installers, you want to know if it’s worth the initial investment. You need a bit more than an EV electrician telling you it’s just what you’ve been looking for. Homeowners and businesses want to know if it’s worth the expense and if it’s practical enough for day-to-day life. The answer is absolutely yes! Here are some of the pros of installing EV charging stations in Houston, TX.

  • Saves Time. The intent of quick charging technology is to save time by charging EVs faster. When electrical vehicle charging takes less time, it makes your whole life more convenient.
  • Better Range. Quick charging an EV increases its range. This just means you can go further before needing to stop and recharge.
  • Better Battery Life. The technology used for DC fast charging stations is designed to keep your vehicle’s battery healthier over time. It helps reduce the risk of battery degradation, which can be costly if you need to repair or replace the battery pack.
  • Cost-Effective. Fast DC electric vehicle charging stations in Texas are more efficient than the traditional charging options. This means in the long run, it’s going to save you a ton of money.
  • More Access. As more people make the move to EVs, the demand for EC charging stations will increase. More quick charging stations will likely be available in metro areas such as Dallas and Houston, making it much easier to charge your EV while you are on the go.


EV charge station
A parking lot with EV charging stations available

Advantages of Installing Either Type of Residential EV Charging Station

You may have seen hotels with EV charging stations and wondered if you could have that convenience at home. You can when you install a residential EV charging station. Once the installation is completed, you can use your electricity to charge your electric vehicle, whether on the grid or using solar power. Here are just a few reasons to consider it.

  • Long-term benefits and savings
  • Environmentally responsible energy
  • Save money by charging your EV at home
  • Faster charging options than the power cord the dealership provides with your EV
  • Tax credits

EV Charging from Home

Using your home’s energy system to charge your vehicle will recoup your EV charging installation cost over time. Our specialists will help you find the charger you need, but you’ll want to consider several things.

  • How fast do you need to charge your electric vehicle?
  • How many EV chargers do you want to be installed?
  • Do you want a smart charger with Wi-Fi connectivity and capabilities?
  • An EV charger needs UL certification to ensure safe operation.
Clipper Creek Residential EV Charging Station

Custom EV Solar Charging Solutions

We understand that each person’s EV solar charging needs are different. That’s why we create a custom EC charging solution designed to meet your specific needs. Our team installs only the highest-quality equipment and products to ensure your vehicles are powered when needed. Whether you need to charge a fleet of vehicles using your solar power system or just need your family car charged, we have you covered.

Why Choose Enova Electrification for Your Commercial or Residential EV Charging Station Installation

There are a lot of reasons to partner with Enova Electrification. We are one of the leading installers of EV charging stations in the Dallas and Houston areas and offer various charging solutions customized for residential and commercial use.


EV chargers installed by Enova Electrification are known for durability and long-lasting performance. We help you choose the best to ensure they will endure the harsh weather conditions across Texas and stand up to daily use, providing consistent charging for your EV.

Smart features

When you work with Enova Electrification, you can add smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app integration. This allows you to monitor your EV’s charging status, set up your charging schedule, and receive remote notifications.

Wide Range of Options

EV charging station installers at Enova Electrification provide you with a wide range of EV charging station options, including Level 2 and DC Fast Charging, suitable for different budgets and power requirements. We also offer chargers compatible with different electric vehicle models, ensuring you get the right fit for your EV charging needs. For commercial settings, our techs can install DC fast-charging stations that can charge a car in about an hour.


Enova Electrification uses chargers designed and manufactured in the United States, ensuring high-quality products and supporting local businesses.


We only use the best chargers and always have your safety in mind. EV chargers include built-in safety features such as overcurrent, overvoltage, and short-circuit protection. Independent laboratories have tested and certified them to meet strict safety standards.

Outstanding Customer Support

Enova Electrification is known for providing exceptional customer service and support. When customers need help, we provide helpful resources and prompt assistance to ensure a solution is provided in a timely manner.

Easy installation

When you purchase your EV charger from us, you’ll find that they are super easy to install. Many models are designed to be plug-and-play and need minimal setup. More complex installations include detailed instructions and support to ensure a smooth installation process.

Competitive EV Charger Warranty

When you purchase an EV charger from Enova Electrification, it will include a competitive warranty that offers you peace of mind. This demonstrates our commitment to quality and reliability.

Energy efficiency

We only choose chargers that can convert and deliver power efficiently. This helps reduce energy waste and ensures cost-effective charging experiences for consumers.

Environmental Responsibility-Focused

Enova Electrification is dedicated to promoting clean energy and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our reliable and efficient charging solutions contribute to the growth of the EV market and encourage sustainable transportation.

The Future of Fast Electric Charging Station Installation

The future of electric vehicles looks bright, and we can only expect that technology is going to improve over the next few years. As new technologies emerge, charging speeds should continue to increase. At the same time, battery pack lifespans are expected to improve.

FAQs on Home EV Chargers

Q I’m not sure if I’m going to get an electric vehicle yet, but can your company still install an at-home EV Charger for me?

A Our technicians are already installing your brand-new solar array on your property, and we can easily add an at-home EV charger into the design and install plans. It’s better to take advantage of it now while we’re there rather than trying to add it later and spending more. We handle all the ordering, permitting, and installation, so you don’t have to worry about it. And we even help you receive the highest possible tax credit available to you.

Q What type of EVs do your EV charging stations work with?

A Our EV charging stations work with all major EV and hybrid car models. We use a ChargePoint that comes with a J-plug that delivers a charge directly into your car’s battery. And when you purchase your Tesla, they are typically equipped with a J-PLUG adapter.

Q How long will it take to charge my electric vehicle?

A How long it takes to charge an EV depends on the type of vehicle, your driving habits, how much energy is stored in the battery, and the charging system you have in place.

Q Will you have to make modifications to my existing circuit breaker?

A It all depends on the current state of your main electrical service panel, otherwise known as your electrical or fuse box, as well as how many and what major appliances are using it or connected to the sub-panel. You will absolutely need to have two open breakers to add an EV charging station in your home, and you’ll need to be able to pull enough juice to charge your battery. We install stations that run on 220 volts so you can ensure a full charge is as little as 4-6 hours! But don’t worry, you don’t have to know all of that information when you get your quote. Our expert surveyors and electricians will take an in-depth look at your panel and electrical system to identify everything you need before we even finalize your quote.

Q What if I purchased my own EV charger? Can you install it?

A Yes, we’ve got you covered. We offer full-service installation and design solutions even if you purchased your EV charging station elsewhere.

Q Are there public charging stations in my area?

A You will likely find many public charging stations in the Dallas and Houston areas, as the number of businesses, schools, and hotels with EV charging stations is growing. There are also numerous apartments with EV charging stations for their residents. Having one at your home is a convenient solution.

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