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As commercial solar installers, we understand business owners need to save money and boost their bottom line. Installing commercial solar panels is one way to achieve both goals.

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7 Reasons You Should Consider Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Texas

Save Money

You can reduce monthly utility bills by generating your own electricity by installing solar panels on commercial buildings. Over time, this can add up to significant savings. As a business owner, this gives you more money to invest in growing your business.

Tax incentives

Did you know the federal government offers tax incentives to businesses investing in solar energy? With a commercial solar tax credit, it’s possible to get a federal tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of your solar system. This helps you offset the cost of the commercial solar installation. You can also take advantage of bonus depreciation with commercial solar systems.

Environmental Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. It is clean, meaning it doesn’t produce emissions or pollution. When your business goes solar, you can reduce your carbon footprint, which helps protect the environment. Additionally, you may be able to reach a whole new clientele as consumers continue to seek out green businesses. Investing in solar panels on commercial buildings is one way to tell your customers you care about the environment.

Solar Panel Installation Can Increase Property Values

A commercial solar installation can increase your property value. If you own your building, it can be extremely valuable if you ever decide to sell.

team installing solar panels on a commercial building
commercial solar power professionals installing panels

Commercial Solar Power Options Can Create Energy Independence

When you generate your own electricity using commercial solar panels, you can become less reliant on the grid and provide protection for your business from both rate hikes and power outages. An installation by a reputable commercial solar company in Texas just makes sense if you want to be energy-independent.

Improved Public Image

A commercial solar installation makes a statement that can help attract environmentally conscious consumers. When the public sees commercial solar contractors working on your business’s roof and they see the solar panels being put in place, it improves their perception of your business.

 Commercial Solar Power Installation Offers Long-Term Savings

Solar panels are designed to last for at least 25 years, but in most cases, expert engineering gives homeowners 40 to 50 years of solar power. This means you get to experience long-term cost savings and energy independence for many years. 

A commercial solar installation can provide your business with various benefits, from cost savings to energy independence and increased property value. Contact the professionals at Enova Electrification to learn more about how your business can benefit from commercial solar panels.

How Commercial Solar Power Installation Works

As one of Texas's premier commercial solar companies, we have the commercial solar panel installation steps down to a T. Our process is backed by decades of hands-on experience and expertise. When we install commercial solar panels, it usually involves these steps.

Site Assessment - Before we install commercial solar systems, we will conduct an on-site assessment to determine how suitable the structure is for commercial solar installation. We’ll analyze several elements, including performing an energy audit and checking the site’s orientation, shading, and other factors affecting the solar panel system’s performance.

Design and Engineering - After assessing your site, we will design a solar panel system to specifically meet your business’s energy needs. We’ll calculate the proper size of the system your business will need, determine the number and proper placement of the solar panels, and select the appropriate inverters and other components. We also ensure the design complies with your local regulations.

Local Permits and Approvals - Enova Electrification works with municipalities and governmental agencies across Texas, including the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston areas. Before we begin our commercial solar installation, we will obtain the permits and approvals the local authorities require. We are familiar with this process and can submit plans and documentation related to the commercial solar panel installation and obtain the necessary inspections. We also obtain a PTO (Permission to Operate) from local utility companies. Depending on your region, that would be Oncor or Centerpoint.

commercial solar panel installation on a business
solar panel installation on a Holiday Inn

Commercial Solar Panel Installation - After obtaining the required permits, we will begin installing your commercial solar panels. The panels can be mounted on the roof of your building, on the ground, or on a solar carport. Our experienced technicians install the racking systems, inverters, and other components, then connect your solar panel system to the electrical grid.

Testing and Commissioning Commercial Solar Systems - Once your commercial solar installation has been completed, we will conduct testing and commissioning to ensure it works properly. Our experienced commercial solar installers will inspect the electrical connections, measure the system’s output, and verify the system is compliant with your local regulations.

Maintenance and Monitoring of Your Commercial Solar Panel System - Once the solar system has been installed and commissioned, our solar company provides ongoing maintenance and monitoring to be sure your system continues to operate efficiently and effectively. This may involve a number of tasks, including routine inspections, commercial solar panel cleaning, and software updates to optimize performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are there incentives for commercial solar installations?

A Yes! There is a federal tax credit of 30%. Most states also offer local incentives and a 100% bonus depreciation to help offset the commercial solar panel cost.

Q What roofs are best for solar panels?

A Enova Electrification can install solar panels on almost any type of roof found on business buildings. We typically install a non-penetrative, blasted solar panel system if your facility has a flat roof.

Q How much electricity is usually offset with a commercial solar installation?

A How much electricity costs are offset by commercial solar panels depends on your state and local tariffs. However, it’s typical to help offset as much as 65% of the electricity costs.

Q What is the payback rate on commercial solar panel systems?

A A commercial solar system can have an ROI in less than five years if you have a current tax burden.

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