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Battery Storage Installation – Energy When You Need It Most!

A battery storage solution from the experts at Enova Electrification ensures your home has energy during outages. Your solar panels often generate more energy than you use; a battery stores this extra energy so that it’s available during inclement weather or a power outage. Solar battery backup options are also great in areas that use a Co-Op or don’t have a solar buyback program for any excess energy produced by solar panels. Our home battery backup installers are certified for both the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase storage solutions. Let us design a custom-built backup system that meets your power needs.

Enphase battery storage system

How We Harness The Sun To Power Your Home

Step 1

Energy cannot exist without the sun.

Step 2

As the sun’s rays strike the panels, the inverter transforms the DC energy into AC electricity.

Step 3

The electricity that has been converted now provides energy to power your entire electrical system, including your home and any connected devices.

Step 4

If you generate excess electricity that is not being utilized, it is fed and stored in your battery.

5 Reasons to Consider an Enphase Battery Storage Solution

Homeowners choose a home battery backup for different reasons. A grid-tied solar system with battery backup can ensure your home has the electricity it needs at any time. At Enova Electrification, our professionals have years of experience with the Enphase battery installation. Here are a few reasons homeowners opt for a solar battery backup solution.

Energy Independence ?

What do you do for power if there is a blackout or a power outage? The Enphase Battery stores excess solar energy that your system generates during the day. Then, the energy is there for you to use during peak hours or at night. Having a battery storage solution can mean the difference between no power and keeping your family connected, comfortable, and secure during outages.

Smart Energy Management ?

The Enphase Battery uses advanced software that helps you optimize your energy usage. This helps you reduce the need for the grid and helps slash your energy bills. Smart features allow you more control over energy consumption with real-time monitoring and insights using their convenient app. The Enphase Enlighten app lets you monitor your solar system production, energy stored or consumed, and how much your EV charging uses. The app pairs perfectly with the SPAN electrical smart panel system for maximum results.

Scalable and Flexible Energy Solution ?

Everyone’s energy needs differ, so you need a scalable and flexible solution to meet your unique needs. Enphase batteries have a modular design that allows for easy expansion to ensure your evolving energy needs are always satisfied. You can always add more solar panels or increase storage capacity. Let us help you future-proof your home with hassle-free upgrades and adaptability.

Enphase battery storage system installed on the side of a house
homeowner checking his electrical system and battery backups

Superior Safety and Reliability ?️

At Enova Electrification, safety is our number one priority. That’s why we provide homeowners with the Enphase Battery. It uses advanced technology that is known for its safety and lifespan. Our battery management system, or BMS, continuously monitors and maintains each battery cell to ensure you get optimal performance and protection.

Eco-Friendly Sustainability?

The Enphase Battery allows you to embrace a greener lifestyle. Maximizing your solar energy use can significantly reduce your carbon footprint while contributing to a cleaner environment. The Enphase battery is designed to be recycled to help reduce waste at the end of its lifecycle.

Battery Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are there any safety risks associated with battery storage options?

A Battery malfunctions and overheating do occur, but they are extremely rare. Our safety products and services are designed to ensure the safety of our customers and their families. Our specialists carefully choose the location for battery installation to allow for proper airflow, temperatures, and system load so you do not have to worry about safety issues.

Q Is a battery backup better than a generator?

A Battery storage solutions and generators both have unique advantages. Both options provide a seamless switch. Many factors go into deciding which is the best option for your home. However, a generator is not a green option since it runs on fossil fuels.

Q Why do I need a battery backup for my solar power?

A Your solar energy system will produce electricity for your home. A battery backup stores excess solar energy generated by your system. The battery means you will have access to solar power even if the grid goes down or there is a power outage. It’s also useful during inclement weather if there isn’t adequate sunlight.

Q Can I really go off-grid?

A While it is possible to go off-grid, you don’t need to make that big move. Ideally, a solar power system is a cleaner option and saves you money. A battery storage solution can be the solar energy accessory you need to help you get the most out of your system by storing excess electricity.

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