Posted on: July 1, 2022

We may be biased, but we think solar energy is pretty awesome. Beyond having solar panels on your home, there are also several cool solar-powered gadgets that you can use throughout your home.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect solar gadget to give as a gift or just to make your life a little easier, then this list is a good place to start. At Virtual Solar, we love all things solar, so let’s look into all the solar gadgets you need!

But first, let’s discuss how solar energy works.


Solar energy is a relatively simple technology that has been used for years and is just starting to be widely accepted by the public and government. Think of how many solar panels are installed on homes or businesses today compared to 10 years ago. In fact, the solar industry is growing at an annual rate of nearly 49%.

Solar energy works by capturing the light of the sun and converting it to usable electricity. It’s really that simple. The small silicon cells absorb the light and transfer it to inverters, where it can be converted to the right voltage and current for your home’s power. Solar gadgets work similarly by absorbing the light and converting it to energy, and storing it in a battery used to power the device.

Here are a few of those gadgets that you’ll want to have around.



Who doesn’t need a portable charger for their phone? And what’s better than a portable charger that charges up just by being in the sun? You won’t ever have to check to see if it’s full. All you have to do is let the charger sit in the sun for a few hours. This battery bank has the advantage of 4 solar panels that can be folded out to capture even more electricity.


You’ve heard of keeping the sun out of your eyes with a hat, but have you ever considered how much solar energy could be captured if you had solar panels on your head? This stylish hat by SOLO has taken that idea and run with it. You can now buy a hat from them that includes solar panels and can be used to charge your phone or other devices via a USB port.


By following the Amazon link above, you’ll find many solar-powered lights that you can use outdoors. What’s the use in spending money on outdoor lights and trying to remember to turn them off and on if you can get solar lights that do all that for you. Give outdoor solar lights a try; you won’t regret it.


No matter the style you’re looking for, there are a variety of solar lanterns that would work great for evening walks, camping trips, or enjoying your backyard with family. One big advantage to using a solar lantern is that you won’t have to worry about having gas for your lantern on your next camping trip.


If you’re trying to produce more electricity than needed to charge your phone, then you’ll want to look into solar-powered generators. With a solar generator, you’ll be able to power your entire campsite every night after the sun goes down. Some of these generators have enough juice to jump a car or power a camper as well. Be sure to check them out!


Logitech currently makes one of the best solar-powered computer keyboards on the market. You’ll be able to type away for days on a single charge and what’s even better is that the keyboard can charge from artificially produced lights as well.


A solar Bluetooth speaker is another way to go green and enhance your life. Having a Bluetooth speaker handy is a great way to bring some fun to every day! This Bluetooth speaker would be loud enough for small parties or hikes, and you’ll never have to try and remember the charger. That’s a huge advantage!


A security camera can help give a sense of security and privacy. It’s nice to know if someone is trying to get onto your property. But one of the hardest parts of security cameras is that you’ll have to run wires to them. Not with this camera! Because it’s solar-powered and runs off of wifi, you won’t have to worry about running wires for it at all.

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